Amarna Miller: Neighbors Episode 4 – Bad Girl Again – SexArt

Neighbors Episode 4 – Bad Girl Again – SexArt

Insatiable redhead Amarna Miller joins sexy couple Gina Gerson and Rosaline Rosa for some hot tub fun, as episode four of Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie series “ Neighbors Episode 4 ” begins. Showering afterwards, Amarna can’t help noticing Gina and Rosaline’s passionate caresses, and when they invite her to join them she doesn’t hesitate for long, slipping between their steamy, wet bodies and letting them strip her naked. At the mercy of their mouths, hands and tongues, Amarna closes her eyes in ecstasy and rubs her own clit while Gina frigs her hairy pussy and then Rosaline eats her to a powerful orgasm. Now cute Gina flicks her tongue over Rosaline’s erect nipples, while Amarna splays the raven-haired darling’s fleshy folds and eats her shaved pussy. Unbeknownst to the horny trio, Amarna’s girlfriend Frida returns; shocked to discover her lover with her tongue buried deep inside Rosaline’s pussy, she beats a hasty retreat. With Gina showering her with kisses and Amarna’s tongue drilling her pussy, Rosaline soon has a senses-searing climax. As they continue fucking, this time with Gina getting fingered by Rosaline while Amarna frigs her from behind, Frida is packing a suitcase, ready to leave her unfaithful partner. Gina cums first, swiftly followed by Rosaline, but they’re not through yet. Amarna gropes Gina’s tits while Rosaline laps at her shaved pussy, until she cums again, even more intensely than the first time. When guilty Amarna awakens beside Frida, she is relieved to realize it was all just a very wet dream…

Date: septiembre 29, 2018