Be My Slave – Reloaded Episode 4 – Subservient

Be My Slave – Reloaded Episode 4 – Subservient – VIVTHOMAS

Gorgeous Alexa Tomas stands behind her sexy friend Zoe Doll, squeezing her breasts through her top, as episode four of “ Be My Slave: Reloaded ” begins. She whispers in Zoe’s ear as she raises her skirt to reveal her pantyless pussy, then licks her fingers and begins to stroke her clit. Alexa guides Zoe to squat down on a dildo and ride it, the evocative slow-motion emphasizing her intense arousal. We cut to a bedroom, Alexa looking irresistible in a sexy black bodysuit as she restrains Zoe by her wrists and ankles to the bed. She kisses her submissive sweetheart passionately, sucks her nipples and slides a hand into her shorts to finger her; then releases her ankles so she can remove her shorts, spreads her legs wide and works her to a frantic climax with her tongue and fingers. Alexa spreads Zoe’s ass cheeks to lick her tight pucker, then thrusts two fingers into her ass as she licks her some more. Zoe dons a strap on and fucks Alexa vigorously, then eats her to a noisy climax. They move into spoons and Zoe fucks Alexa’s ass with the toy, making her come even harder.


Date: noviembre 9, 2016
Actors: Alexa Tomas / Zoe Doll