Dancing Bear: Thirty Girls and a Cup

Thirty Girls and a Cup – Dancing Bear

Thirty Girls and a Cup – I am in awe. Alright this was amazing. She drank it! She actually drank cum out of a glass!!! I am sure this girls is not unique, but she certainly gave us a show. On top of our routine Rick told me he wanted to do. He had seen some CFNM stuff online, so he wanted to to jerk off in front of the all the hot ass girls in to a cup and give it the Birthday Girl. Oddly enough, we all thought it was a cool idea so we went for it. So, everyone did there regular routine… stripping sucking and fucking and what not. Then it got to the moment of truth and Rick busted his nut in the cup. That’s when all the girls started chanting. At first I couldn’t tell what they were saying. Then I saw her jokingly move the cup to her mouth, and I realize the words were “Drink it. Drink it” and she does. All I can say is… Awesome!!!
Date: agosto 2, 2018
Actors: Dancing Bear

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