[FAKE HUB ORIGINALS 27-01-2018] Girls Night (Fake Hub)

Girls only Night at the bar

The Fake Hub Original bar opens tonight and it’s girls’ night. So Daphne Angel has decided to go for a drink alone. The innocent girl can not imagine what awaits her at the bar. She sits quietly to take her drink alone, with her innocent appearance and her intellectual glasses and shy look. That will be what has attracted the most bad girls in the bar, Victoria Pure and Tracy Lindsay. The two girls look at her from the bar with a seductive look and with gestures of wanting to sit next to her. Without inviting them to the table Victoria and Tracy sit on either side, leaving Dafne in the middle. Without a word, they begin to caress her tits, tear off her bra and start a lesbian game that Dafne starts to like. Massages in the clitoris tongues in the nipples and fingers inside the pussy, is what it is in what becomes a night of drinks alone in the girls bar. The bad girls rub her tits in Dafne’s face force her to suck her nipples and lick her ass. But it is only the beginning, The innocent the innocent blonde with glasses starts to get hot and gets horny and is herself imposing the orders of the lesbian scene that takes place at the bar table. Girls night at the Fake Hub Originals bar and that’s how it ends.

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Date: enero 28, 2018