[KATRINA MORENO 28-01-2018] Glamorous lesbians in high heels (Lesbea)

Latina and Russian lesbians

The beautiful Russian blonde Verona Sky has met a Latin beauty that makes her crazy. Verona has just met Katrina Moreno, a Uruguayan with such spectacular tits that would make anyone fall in love. This pair of lesbians in high heels are heading to the house in Verona. There they do not even reach the stairs when they are already wrapped in a passionate kiss. With their tongues licking each other, it is a matter of seconds before they take the next step to their sexual exploration. And it’s Verona who raises the level by pulling Katrina’s tits so she can suck on nipples and spit them out. Catrina throws herself on her knees to pass her tongue over the clitoris of the Russian, to taste him suck him to touch him and to feel so delicious pleasure. At last completely denudan, remove the heels and top off their sexual encounter on the floor of the second floor where this pair of lesbian sluts mutually eat their pussy, put their fingers and sated all their lust.

Date: enero 29, 2018
Actors: Katrina Moreno