The Initiation of a Maid Episode 4 – Investiture – VIVTHOMAS

The Initiation of a Maid Episode 4 – Investiture – VIVTHOMAS

Episode four of “ The Initiation of a Maid ” sees Zoe Doll, having finished her chores, fall asleep naked, only to be woken by her mistresses – Lena Love and Michelle H – on their return from a shopping trip. They caress their beautiful maid and dress her in a sexy outfit they’ve bought for her; then relocate to the bedroom, where Michelle stares lustily into Zoe’s eyes and sucks hard on the erect nipples of her perky breasts, before heading south to eat her out. When Michelle replaces her flicking tongue with fingers and diddles Zoe’s dripping slot, Lena accompanies her and strums the maid’s clit until she moans loudly as she comes. Next it’s the turn of Michelle to get the all over lick-and-suck treatment from Lena, and as the busty blonde chows down with her curvaceous ass in the air, Zoe eats Lena’s pussy from behind. Michelle comes loudly, not once but twice, the second time at the mercy of Lena’s thrusting fingers – and as she does so, Lena reaches boiling point herself and orgasms beneath Zoe’s magic touch, driven on by her own clit-play. The three of them embrace and kiss avidly before Zoe becomes the sex filling in a Michelle and Lena sandwich. Lena slips two well-lubed digits deep into Zoe’s tight asshole, and Zoe responds with noisy cries of ecstasy as she comes harder than ever. Exchanging looks of admiration and pleasure, the lascivious duo smile and kiss, happy in the knowledge that maid Zoe has been fully initiated into the inner circle of unbridled lust – something the film’s coda underlines by showing her sleeping soundly between her mistresses.

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Date: septiembre 7, 2017

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